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The secret tip: "The Pose"

With a secret trick you can easily find out if the person you're talking to is into feet. It is called "the pose". "The pose is a sure hit with most foot fetishists. Lie on your stomach, bend your knees and lift your feet in the air behind you. Now you have the perfect position to show your face while your feet flirt mischievously in the background. If your partner is into feet, "the pose" will make him infinitely hot. He'll be incredibly excited (and aroused!).

The perfect footjob

Foot fetishes encompass a wide range of activities and aesthetic preferences. Foot fetishes can be divided into two categories: clean feet and dirty feet. This can overlap with preferences for large feet, small feet, high arches or certain toe shapes. Some foot lovers are also into long, thin, round or petite feet. Some foot lovers imagine themselves worshipping your feet - they want to kiss, lick, stroke, caress, suck on the toes or put their mouth on your feet. Some also want to feel your feet on their face or other parts of their body. Your partner might like it if you caress their genitals with your feet - also known as a footjob.


Common foot fetishes

Learn a little about common foot fetishes so you're not surprised when your partner tells you what they're into. Here's a guide to getting someone excited about feet - especially yours.

Foot fetishism is so varied that there is no universal answer to the question of what turns foot fetishists on. Some people include feet in their sex lives, while others find feet sexy but don't necessarily want to use them directly for sexual stimulation. Maybe your partner just wants to rub lotion or oil on your bare feet, or admire your feet in tights.

The most common things that turn your partner on include smelling your feet, sucking on your toes, or gently stroking and caressing your feet. Many foot fetishists enjoy feeling their partner's feet on their face, whether it's a gentle foot-on-face massage or "trampling", a form of foot domination where one partner lies on the floor and the other uses their feet to apply more pressure to their face. Trampling is closely related to other fetishes, such as humiliation, physical domination or other forms of BDSM.

Many of us have grown up thinking that feet are dirty and disgusting and that you shouldn't put your feet in someone else's face. That's the automatic feeling many people have because that's what we've been taught. The best thing to do is to just drop all preconceptions and be completely open.

How to make foot lovers hot

Maybe your partner has already told you about his foot fetish, or you've noticed that he's particularly interested in your feet during sex. Either way, you should let him know that you're open to it and that you don't think it's weird.

Showing off your feet can also be a good way to subtly flirt with your partner if he is still afraid to talk directly about his foot fetish. If you suspect your partner has a foot fetish, just put your feet up. If you're out in public together, you can show off your fresh pedicure in pretty flip flops or sandals, or decorate with ankle and toe jewellery.

Ask your partner to tell you what they like most. If your partner tells you that they imagine sucking on your toes or smelling your feet during sex - or whatever they like - try responding with something like, "I'm really happy to learn more about what you're into, and I'm interested in hearing what that might look like for us - how do you think that would work?" Then you can discuss what you'd both like before it happens.

Even if you've let your partner know that you're interested in experimenting, he or she may still be a little shy about talking about the foot fetish. This is especially true if you are in a new relationship or if you have just met. People are often hesitant to share sexual preferences that might be considered unusual or deviant, but foot fetishes in particular are often misunderstood.

The right foot care

Regardless of how your feet look naturally, it is generally a good idea to moisturise and care for them. Feet should not be overlooked when it comes to proper care. Many foot lovers are into certain shoes or accessories such as stockings, toe rings or anklets. If these are styles you don't already own, ask your partner to choose some for you.

Invite your partner to give you a foot massage

A foot massage helps to overcome the mental barrier that many people have that feet are 'dirty'. While your partner is massaging your feet, keep eye contact and let them know you like it. A foot massage is a great opportunity to clarify what you both want to do next.

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